Available Applets

Electrons in Metal Demonstration Tutorial

This is a demonstration intended to discuss the
features of the "Electrons in Metal Simulation"
and "Electrons in Metal Tutorial" tools. This
demonstration should be used first so that
students can be certain to experiment with all
facets of the other applets.

Electrons in Metal Simulation
This is an interactive simulations of electron
movement in a metal.

Electrons in Metal Tutorial
The tutorial is more of a hands-off applet
where the student can click through various

Electrons in Intrinsic Semiconductor Simulation
Similar to the "Electrons in Metal Simulation,"
this demonstration is alsointeractive but
displays the motion of electrons in an intrinsic

Electrons in Extrinsic Semiconductor Simulation
Like the demonstration above, this is a
hands-on representation of electron motion in
an extrinsic semiconductor.

Electronic Tranport Properties of Semiconductors Flash Applets